Basaan (2014) (Short Film)


I feel lucky
2 years ago

John is uptight and closeted. He is perfectly happy letting life pass him by, preferring the safety of loneliness for fear of getting hurt. He reluctantly returns to his hometown when his sister, Gibby, drags him to Basaan, the town's annual festival. There, he runs into Trey, an old friend of his who he is secretly in love with. The vibrant and spirited Trey calls out John's current way of life, challenging him to take part in it. John finally lets his guard down, but it may be too late for him. Starring: Topper Fabregas, JC Santos, Annika Gonzalez, Dino Pastrano

Categories:Gay TV

Tags:BL Short Film, Gay Short Film

Added: 2 years ago

Duration: 15:06

Rating: 73%


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