Taking Tops (Part 3)

A couple of weeks latter I was starting to get over the whole bottoming thing, well I was trying to anyway, I still thought about it but was able to reason it out to one very hot drunk night. Mark was still in contact with Mat and Kev but he was away for work for a few weeks so I was very surprised when Mat texted me asking what I was doing tonight? I said nothing and then he suggested I go over to his place for beers and Kev would be there too. I didn’t know what to make of it, they new Mark was away so maybe they did just want to hang out. I thought it would be a bit presumptuous to say anything sexual at that point so I agreed I could come and hang out.

When I got there, we had some beers and chilled out. We chatted normally about stuff and how mark was and what he was doing for work and how long we’d been together etc. I even said that the other week wasn’t a normal thing for us and explained we were actually just looking for one other guy to share Mark but we met you guys. They actually seemed all cool with it and I think they got the message that Mark was the bottom, not that they didn’t already know that. A couple more beers and I was almost ready to get going since it was getting late but we started talking about the gym and they said they both did cross fit, I commented that yeh you guys seem muscular but lean and Matt took that as a sign I think to take his shirt off. I guess I wasn’t complaining though, his body was stunning, great chest, not much hair and no fat on it. But I knew he was going to make some sort of move now but I was quite ready for the usual top tricks this time and I new it was time to go while I was still thinking clearly.

Surprisingly Mat said “so how’d you like the other night with us” I was shocked, he new I didn’t want to talk about it, how could he ask such a direct question like that. I stuttered a bit and was like “um yeh it was, good”, “seemed like you thought it was more than good” he shot back at me. “Yeh man your ass is nice and tight, felt great around my cock” Kev then said, I was not used to talking about my ass at all and didn’t really know what to say to that, I came up with “Yeh well I don’t normally bottom but that was a good one off I guess”, “Dude we have fucked a lot of guys and you are a bottom” matt said straight away. “Na guys, I just enjoyed the night, im the same as you guys though, I always top” but Kev said “You were on all fours and telling me to fuck your bum harder if i remember, tops don’t do that”. I was pretty shocked and I think turning a bit red, Mat started to pat and rub my back. Eventually I said more firmly “well yeh I bottomed, but im a top, im sure you guys bottom for each other a bit too” Matt responded very quickly “not the way we fucked you guys”, I knew what he meant, they fucked us like we were their bitches so I was not going to argue the point. I fell silent and they had both moved in close now Mat grabbed my cock which I have to admit had gotten half hard from the way they were talking to me and said “see you do want this”. I couldn’t argue I wanted these guys cause they were so hot but unfortunately they weren’t wrong either, I had enjoyed bottoming but I wasn’t prepared to keep bottoming for them.

Kev slipped mine and his shirt off then and started to pash me aggressively. He was really good at that, he made me feel dominated just by pushing his tongue into my mouth. I reached up and felt those pecs of his, his chest was so strong and I could feel mat slip my pants down. I realised then that I was naked sucking on Kevins tongue again while they still had pants and underwear on. This was humiliating and they new it, if you get a guy naked and you still have clothes on you are in complete control. Mat grabbed me roughly all over, they were both feeling me up and groping me. I had had a few threeways before and I was always one of the tops, it was always enjoyable as you would get to watch a guy try to please two real men at once and I was more then happy to treat them accordingly. I felt mats hands on my ass, pulling at my cheeks and kinda spreading them apart, my ass is quite muscular though and I have a pretty deep crack so my hole was still protected I was thinking. As I was trying to reason it out in my mind mat slapped my ass and said “we are going to fuck you, you know you want to bottom for us”, Kev slipped off his pants and I saw his cock again which only reminded me of what happened last time. I was standing between these two really hot guys and I couldn’t see any way out of bottoming. I tried one more time though “guys im a top, we could just suck each other for tonight?”, mats fingers were going up and down my crack tickling the hair in there, it felt really good and my ass was relaxed now. His finger hit my closed entrance and he said “I am going to fuck you the same as I fucked your boyfriends tight little hole, you are both our bottoms now, so just accept it”.

I hadn’t been spoken to like this by other guys and I didn’t know how to respond. I didn’t get a chance too anyway Mat started pushing on my shoulders and just said “down you go” I couldn’t protest I got down on my knees in front of Kevin. His cock pointed straight at my face, I could see some pre cum and I could smell his cock. I didn’t do this, I don’t suck cock, but he pushed his dick against my face and he smeared some of the cum on my cheek and pushed it to my lips. I looked up at kev and he said “come on, open up”, my lips parted and the head pushed into my mouth, I could taste his cock straight away and it really started to hit home that I was on my knees sucking on another guys cock. This was humiliating I thought, how have I gone from fucking muscle boys to being on my knees for two. As I thought it Mats cock was pushed in my face and instinctively I started to work on his head. I held both of them in my hands and was going from one to another. I was having to suck off these two guys but there was a feeling that I had to please them, It was like I had to make them feel good. It wasn’t that long though and Mat got down behind me. Kev knelt down and mat repositioned me so I was sucking kev but on all fours. Mat spread my knees apart though and I knew my hole was exposed. I realized then, I was on all fours the same as so many bottoms I had fucked, I was going to be these guys bitch, but I was a masculine top and they had got me part my bum almost voluntarily. Then I felt a wet finger push straight up my ass. I don’t know why, but as I felt it slide in and hit my prostate I gave out a groan and my throat relaxed and I sank balls deep down onto kev. I heard Kev say “I think he likes that” and Mat gave me a couple of quicker jabs and said”you like this in your ass?”, I gave out an agreeable moan.

I don’t know why this was feeling so good but as my hole opened up it was making me crazy on Kevs cock. I could feel my bum loosening up and puckering for mat, I’d felt bottoms do this and I knew it was a sign of them giving in to their desires but I couldn’t help it I was twitching my hole as Mat got a second finger in. I started to lick and kiss kevins cock all over too, now it tasted so good, I kept going back to the head hoping to get some more pre cum, I was really losing myself again. I realized what I was doing and was able to stop myself a little, I put Kevs cock in my mouth and sucked but I figured I need at least keep some dignity and not be a full on bitch with these guys. I don’t know if Mat knew I was trying to calm down but he pushed his fingers hard into my prostate and said “tell me how that feels” Kev backed up to so I wasn’t sucking him, but I just a gave a quiet moan. But Mat was insistent and I knew now this was deliberate, he said “look up at Kev and tell him how it feels” He was really working on my spot and it felt awesome I looked at Kev but still quietly said “it feels good”, mat said tell him what im doing, I couldn’t believe it he wanted me to say what was happening to me? I did it without thinking though and said “he’s fingering my ass”. Saying it and looking at Kevin had a major effect on me though, I guess they knew it would but it kind of broke me down. I said again “it feels good in my ass, Matt’s fingering my tight bum hole”, they had worked it so I got myself heated up, I was rotating my ass on his fingers now. “You like that don’t you” matt said and I was like “yeh please, finger my hole” I was still looking at Kev who was smirking down at me when he said “bet you want mats big cock in your ass?”, I was not shy about it now, “yeh please matt, please fuck my ass”. It was over now and I knew it, it felt so good and I’d actually asked to be fucked, I had given up my hole and I knew I was about to take it up the ass and be a total bottom for them.

Matts hands grabbed my waist and he moved his cock to my hole. It felt like forever, I was pretty still on all fours, looking forward at Kev and then I felt him push in. It hurt a fair bit but I tried not to show it to much to Kev, I know tops love that look but then as he shoved in a bit more I had no choice but to gasp and wince from him penetrating me fully. Just as Kev had taken my ass now matt had done the same, it was then that Kev leaned his cock back into my mouth and without any words I started to suck on him again. Matt then slide out a little slowly and as he did I could feel that thick cock of his then he paused and slide it back in a little faster making me grunt a little at the end of his trust. He did this for a while as I got used to it, his hands were rubbing my back and ass while as he did it. As the physical pain subsided and my hole got used to it I heard him say “this ass is nice and tight, you look so good like this”. I knew how I looked with my ass open for him and it was about now that most guys really accept their role and that’s how I felt too. It was then I admitted to myself that I was these guys bitch, I was taking it up my ass and I was their bottom. Matt had quickened his pace a little now and was giving me sharp thrusts at the end of each stroke. I felt like he was hitting a switch inside me and I started to moan while I was still sucking. Because he had built the speed up slowly it felt amazing by this point.

I was on autopilot sucking on kev and licking his cock, I was mostly focused on being fucked when Kev said “your loving our cocks aren’t you”, I stopped sucking and looked up to say “yeh it feels good”, “what feels good” he said back at me, I was defeated now anyway and I knew
I was going all the way with them so I kinda moaned back “matts cock, ohhh, matts cock up my ass” saying the words got me pushing back on his cock too, “you like my cock up your ass don’t you” matt said and I was loving it now “yeh, ohh, yeh it feels so good, please fuck me, fuck my hole” is all I got out. I was rocking my body and ass back onto matts cock now, Kev moved
behind to where matt was too and I heard them talking just to each other, kev was like “he has a great ass doesn’t he” and matt was like “yeh he’s tight like mark was”, hearing about mark and how these guys talk about us got me so hot. It made me interrupt them “ohhh, please, please harder in my ass matt”, they both laughed but matt kinda stopped and said “yeh i’ll fuck you harder if you admit you are our bottom”. I didn’t hesitate, I needed that cock fucking me, “yeh I am, please fuck me, I want to be your bottom boy, please”, he started fucking me again pretty hard and I was moaning like mad loving it now, I could hear the slaps into me but I was driving my ass back hard at the end of each stroke. Kev had now put a condom on too so I new I was about to be shared and then I felt matt pull out. I felt so empty but luckily Kev moved in quickly and pushed straight in. His cock felt different inside me, not as thick but a little longer.

Matt had ripped the condom off and moved around to my face and said “guna finish on your face” he was pulling his dick right at my face, I opened my mouth and licked the head as he pulled and then it felt like I was being rewarded, he shot his load all over my face and mouth. At this point it tasted awesome but there was plenty on my face still. As humiliating as it was I loved it, he’d basically marked me as his bitch now. As he finished shooting I could
feel it on my face but I was still focussed on how good my ass was feeling, Kevin was fucking me as hard as matt was and it was incredible, I was onto my second cock up my ass and it was feeling better and better. Mat started to give my cock a really nice slow wank now too and I was really getting in need of cumming but he was mostly just teasing my cock and pinching my nipples which was getting me really hot. At this point I was now babbling all kinds of stuff to be honest, I was moaning a lot, I was at the point where a bottom is barely a man, I was saying “please my hole, it feels so good, please kev, please”, I had no shame the feelings of submission for these men had overtaken me, I was a total muscular top man begging for cock
but I couldn’t help it. I wanted to be these guys bottom so badly, I could barely think but all I wanted to do was show them I was their bitch. Tops that get fucked often do this and I couldn’t help it I wanted it so bad up my ass I started saying “harder, ohh, please, I’m your bum boy please, I want to be your bum boy, fuck me, ohhh”. I knew how far id gone but I didn’t care, my hole felt too good. Kev was close and so was I, matt had my cock totally wet with my own pre cum and was wanking me now when kev said “guna cum dude, you want it don’t you”, I wanted it more than anything, I was almost screaming, “yeh please I want it, please Kev” as I begged I could feel his cock start to pulse and I started to shoot too, I could barely control my orgasm as his cock hammered into me and pulsed so hard, I felt him taking me.

I had no control, I was saying “Ohhhhh my ass, my tight little bum, ohhh fuck into my tight bum, please”, it was so intense it was almost painful as I shot, my hole clamped on kevins cock so hard, I new he liked it, he was saying “yeh take it bitch, take my cock up your ass” and I
was. I was a total bottom and I new it but his cock just kept pushing on my spot and I was wimpering and moaning the whole time we shot.

As I started to regain my senses I realised what I had done I wanted to hide in shame almost. As kev withdrew my face smelt of cum and my ass was wet and open. I almost didn’t know what to do, matt said “go clean up”. When I returned from the bathroom matt handed me my shirt and pants but I was looking for my undies when I realised Kevin had put them on. I didn’t know what to say but i was like “um i need my undies” but matt said, “no, we keep sluts underwear when we break them in” I couldn’t believe it they were keeping them like a trophy. Matt opened a draw and said “here check these out” I new straight away they were marks. I must have looked shocked, Kev said “yeh we had him here before he went away, we told him you were next”. I was ashamed they had fucked my boyfriend and now me. I asked them “you guys aren’t going to tell anyone about tonight are you” matt kinda grinned, “dude you are our bottom now same as mark, in fact you are a bigger bottom then him and yeh we will tell anyone we want. If you ever want us to fuck you again you will come here next friday for a party we are having, don’t worry mark is already coming.” I didn’t know what to say “um ok i’ll talk to mark then” kev said “yeh we’ll see you next friday”. I got my stuff together then and said I was going matt said “thanks for the night and don’t worry dude, you are guna love being our bottom” I just thanked them too and kinda nodded. As I walked out and down the steps I could feel my ass was still wet and I thought it would leak into my pants. This was humiliating but I couldn’t deny to myself how much I had loved it.

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