Twilight Dancers (2006) (Full Movie)


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2 years ago

Twilight Dancers is a 2006 Pinoy indie film and the last installment of director Mel Chionglo. This movie offers a disturbing yet a humorous look at the country's social realities through the eyes of three dancers.One of them is Dwight, young and at the peak of his trade who loses the girl he loves to a politician's son. Then there's Alfred, who at 28, is past his prime and is kicked out of the club. Finally there's Bert,30, who has long since given up dancing and is now the bodyguard-driver of a corrupt businesswoman. But Bert's boss, Madame Loca, manipulates the events that push the three dancers to fight for survival, and to finally confront issues of love, friendship and betrayal.Starring: Tyrone Perez (†), Allen Dizon, Lauren Novero, Cherry Pie Picache

Duration: 1:47:24

Rating: 77%


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