Yuya Fucks A Girl


I feel lucky
2 years ago

Yuya looks like a total stud here. There's a short conversation at the start before the girl starts touching Yuya and then sucks him. Some nice shots of him eating her before fucking her. WARNING: this is straight porn.

Duration: 24:46

Rating: 78%



Comments 5

  1. Miming says:

    Whats his full name?

  2. Papi says:

    Is Yuya gay ? I see more of him in M2M vids here..

    • Wilbur says:

      Yuya is definitely not gay, although we see more of him in M2M vids, surely he is more comfortable with women than men seeing how he refused man kissing him ??

  3. Meow says:

    More of yuya pls ?

  4. PewdieBro says:

    PLEAse upload on Xvideos or any direct link

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